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Spiritual Mentor Coach

Are you looking for a spiritual person to talk to about life, physical health, and love? Do you need guidance on business and know how to align yourself with the stars? Are you a star seed needing clarity on your path as we move into the New World Truth? Are you looking for tantra or reiki healing for your mind, body, and soul? Whatever it is, I am here to help and be of service. Just make a $3,333 donation today and I will set up a one hour daily sessions with you on whatever topic or thing, that is on your mind that you would like to speak on or receive knowledge on as well as plan out daily things for you the whole month! Once the donation is made please email me at [email protected] in the subject put “Mentor” and let me know that you made the donation. Please make a list of topics you would like us to discuss so I can better prepare myself for your questions so that I may give you the best guidance with your best interest at heart. Until we speak I leave you in Love and Life! 

On this Spiritual Mentor Coach journey, I'll offer you:

  • Spiritual Consultation
  • Q&A Session
  • Spiritual Coaching
$3,333.00 Per month

Find Self Love & Peace in Your Own Inner Power

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