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House Of The Sacred Woman proudly announces its first-ever fundraising campaign aimed at raising funds to support its cause of uplifting women by empowering them all over the world, irrespective of color or creed. Our goal is to bring factual awareness to humanity and create a safe place for spiritual practices and community gatherings.

House Of The Sacred Woman would be most grateful if you can support us with $5, $10, $100, $5000, $10000 or any amount at all; this would be greatly appreciated and well used for this cause. We kindly ask for a sponsorship donation, any amount you or your business can spare. Your donation will be recognized and appreciated at our various events.


As a show of our appreciation, each donor will receive name recognition on our website fundraiser page. Above all, the inner satisfaction you will have in facilitating on our project greatly supersedes any form of appreciation we can offer. Kindly click the donate button on our website and donate as you have purposed in your heart; we promise to keep you up-to-date on every progress of this movement. Our Non-profit organization 501 C qualifies for a tax deduction. You can simply help us share this campaign with your friends on social media to support our cause, and we will be grateful to you. Giving is worship. We’re in no way sentimental about this, and we do hope you will honor our request for help, as it will mean a lot to us if you do so. Your contribution of any magnitude signifies “We support you” won’t be a vain statement. With you, we can make a significant difference by giving back to the one who first gave!

Find Self Love & Peace in Your Own Inner Power

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