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Liz Liptan

Liz Liptan is an astrologer, authorand natural skincare maker. Liz’s astrological interpretation style is both through clairsentience and Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green. Her communication style is compassionately direct and stems from a foundational belief that there are no “bad” birth charts or placements.

In this season of her life she shifts with the moon and began practicing in monthly ritual ceremony with the new and full moons some years ago. Clients can connect with Liz by booking a session online, purchasing a digital download or joining the Moon Magic Club.

Liz is passionate about energetic and physical hygiene by way of natural, small-batch skincare and body care products. The goal of the line is to support energetic health and radiance. Pure ingredients allow for a healthier physical body and planet. All of the ingredients are sourced ethically with the health of living beings and Mother Earth in mind. Click BOOK NOW

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